Nederlandse vlag

We agree to meet at 18h30 on a terrace in one of my most favourite streets in Paris, rue Montorgueil. One of the gentlemen I recognise on the terrace, the other one joins us a little later. Parisians like I know them, busy, every moment of the day has its own purpose.

We agreed to meet to see what I might be able to do for them. They are looking for a holiday home in Ibiza. Soon it turns out that their latest house hunt was so distressing, that they want to change their strategy, it should be a plot of land. Clear, however I would like to know what went wrong. As it turns out, even though they were starting the search with a reasonable budget, only poor-quality houses, with a disappointing location were offered them.

Hence, a building plot seems to be the solution. However, do they know that the building permit procedure depending on where on the island can be a lengthy and tedious process? In addition, it should be considered that depending on the type of construction we should count for at least 12 months for the building process. I wouldn’t therefore exclude existing houses from the list, as I am sure a suitable home can be found. We detail the search further and a number of requirements become apparent: peaceful environment, a spacious plot, a small and cosy house, certainly not to modern with 3 bedrooms so that guests can be hosted. Some parts of the island are declared as a no-go are for them and the surroundings of Santa Eularia seem to have their clear preference.

I look forward to executing this assignment! These are practical men, occupied by their careers, who trust to hire a specialist to support them in their house hunt. I imagine I can find their dream property on the island…

To be continued.