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The Gents Property Development

The Gents Property Development focuses on smaller size real estate development projects both in Amsterdam and Ibiza. We take ownership of the full scope of development: purchase, redesign, renovation and delivering the house turnkey to the new owner. We see it as our challenge to look for the inner beauty of each property, its origin and then add design to it. In our years of experience, we have always been looking for that extra dimension. All our projects are unique with a signature of high quality and eye for detail.

Besides renovation and selling turnkey, we offer clients the service to fully outsource the search and renovation of their own property to The Gents, this is what we call Acquisition & Renovation services.

Acquisition & Renovation services

We know how difficult and stressful it can be as an owner to manage the search and purchase as well as a complete renovation. It is exactly because of that, that we decided to start these services both on Ibiza as in Amsterdam. From a design and potential perspective, we support you in the search process. We listen to you, to understand your wishes, we design the new situation and coordinate the realisation of the project. The Gents is your interlocutor, always nearby: to the renovation of the property on-site and to you in your own language. The Gents is eager to deliver your renovation to the highest possible level, with a resource of experts.

Current projects

Please have a look at the projects that are currently being developed by The Gents and are available for sale.

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Finished projects

To get inspired we invite you to have a look at a selection of projects that The Gents have managed.


Ibiza is well known for its parties, but there is a lot more to it than just parties. Like enchanted forests and beach coves. In fact, with over 200 km of coastline, there is nature and history waiting to be explored around every corner. There are many good restaurants that offer a broad range of Spanish and international cuisine. On top you will enjoy the typical villages, even vineyards and mind-blowing views.

This in fact makes Ibiza so special to us. We adore the north part of the island, still relatively quiet with its special coves and villages. The autonomous government of the Balearic Islands is determined for Ibiza to keep its natural character. Hence both construction and renovation of properties are strictly followed. The increasing demand of properties by tourists all over the world combined with these restrictions and a limited offer have increased the prices. The Gents Ibiza focus on a niche in the Ibiza property market. We keep looking for apartments with special character or special detached Houses, known as “casa payesas” to transform into unique Boutique Villas.


Amsterdam clearly ranks in the world’s most popular cities. It even goes back to the 16th century. Recently this city has become even more an international player: not only the capital of the Netherlands, but Amsterdam as one of the key cities in Europe. Over the past recent years Amsterdam has been a clear attraction for multi-national companies and world tourists. Amsterdam, like Venice of the north, known for its interesting tax climate, has shown to grow as well culturally and culinary. Amsterdam, to us, maybe driven as well by its size is a very easy city and great to live in.

No wonder real estate prices have gone up recently, however in comparison with other European cities like Helsinki, Stockholm, Rome and Vienna, the prices are still relatively low.

About The Gents

philip slabbekoornA passion that one day would turn into profession. Philip Slabbekoorn has been working for distinct multinationals in different roles over the past 20 years. Recently Philip was a member of a divisional board of Danone. Next to this career Philip always ensured to liberate time for his passion: the purchase, design and renovation of houses in different locations. As by itself this passion grew to what we call today The Gents Ibiza or The Gents Amsterdam with a portfolio of very special projects.

“Finding the right design in the blueprint in order to create what my client really wants, keeps me awake and then the best: the realisation from design to making it happen!”
Philip Slabbekoorn – The Gents Property Development

Property development to us, requires eye for detail; taste and strong project management skills; listening and negotiation skills as well as guts, whilst remaining humble to acquire the right expertise at the right time.


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